CPD4MedProfessional - Your CPD Obligations

The Medical Board has revised the CPD registration standard for all Australian doctors from 2023. All Doctors now need to meet updated CPD requirements.  The Medical Board of Australia has defined the criteria as below and then speciality colleges may have added additional mandatory components.  To maintain your speciality you must complete the additional criteria.  For example, the Royal Australian College of Physicians  have included and Annual conversation relating to your Professional Development Plan. The categories of the CPD are Measuring Outcomes, Reviewing Performance and Education, with hours of accrual required.


A total of 50 hours across 3 categories

CPD Hours


CPD Requirements

Catergory 1
Education - minimum 12.5 Hours

Catergory 2
Reviewing Performance - minimum 5 Hours

Catergory 3
Measuring Outcomes - minimum 5 Hours

Note: A Performance Development Plan is MANDATORY and for RACP members an Annual Conversation is also mandatory.

What does free choice mean?

Free choice from any category

The CPD4MedProfessional allows you to attain hours towards your CPD across all three categories, in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

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