CPD4MedProfessionals Team


Sandra Owens

CEO of ScienceToLife

Sandra Owens is the CEO of ScienceToLife, a virtual medical education and coaching company for the life sciences, devoted to creating education pathways that inspire people to reach their full potential. Sandra has over 20 years of experience in executive leadership roles in the life sciences sector and a passion for providing innovative and comprehensive educational resources to medical and life science professionals. Through ScienceToLife, Sandra hopes to make a lasting impact on those involved in medical education, by providing highly valued educational resources for professionals that create unique, streamlined experiences. Sandra’s additional business, AccessOncology, is a management consulting group that works with European and US biotechs to bring innovative medicines to the Asia Pacific through clinical trials, accelerated registration and reimbursement pathways. Sandra holds a teaching qualification, graduate diploma in health science and a Master of Business Administration.


Rose Brown

COO of ScienceToLife

Rose Brown is COO of ScienceToLife and she has over 20 years experience in public health, medical affairs and commercial segments of life sciences. Rose has a proven track record in implementing tools and processes to enhance understanding of the health system and is involved in clinical program development, including innovative trial design. Rose works with a solution-focused attitude to overcome critical challenges and drive results with quality outcomes. Most importantly, she is experienced in and passionate about developing virtual tools to enhance medical education and engagement. Rose has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters In Public Health.


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